Professional Translation and Editing Service: Rate: AED110, $30 per page (250 words).

The Professional Translation and Editing Service we offer is our most popular option. It entails at least one translator and at least one separate editor/proofreader depending upon the size and scope of the project. It is the best choice for all types of business, legal, technical, and government documents for which perfect accuracy and quality are top priorities.

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This quality-assured process delivers professional, meticulously edited translation tailored to your requirements. Every Professional Translation and Editing Service project we take on is completed by native speaking experts who are fully aware of the linguistic idiosyncrasies and cultural sensitivities of the target country.

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At the start of high volume projects, we create, validate and store glossaries and terminology databases for our business clients to ensure linguistic accuracy and consistency. This makes our job easier and adds to your high degree of satisfaction. Fact checking, editing, proofreading, issue tracking, and quality assurance are all part of our Professional Translation and Editing Service.